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Gaining weight is natural and easy. Armed with your new Mind Map, and some basic food knowledge, losing it can be just as natural and easy.

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Some Snippets From The Book To Whet Your Appetite

From Part 2 – Food Neuroscience

Our personal Mind Map subconsciously influences the decisions we make every day, based on what we felt provided the best result regarding that same decision in the past. This applies to which type of pizza we order, and whether we have our eggs sunny side up, over easy, scrambled or poached. Whether we choose the banana in preference to chocolate will be made by our Mind Map first, and to override the influence of our Mind Map requires either willpower or self-control, or, better than both combined, a new Mind Map.

From The Preface

The weight loss and processed food industry are somewhat interdependent. The processed food industry fuels weight gain and reroutes customers to the weight loss industry, and the failure of the weight loss industry reinforces the growth of the processed food industry, and so it goes. Suffice to say it is working out well for both of them, in a big money-go-round, while many people suffer time and again because they do not know the cause of, or how to, change their overeating behaviour.

From Part 4 – Rewire Your Brain for Weight Loss

For all its complexity, the brain performs three simple tasks:

  1. It receives information from the external environment and from within the body.
  2. It delivers subconscious instructions to YOU.
  3. It listens to conscious instructions from YOU.

What results depends on which wins: the subconscious, the conscious, or YOU.

From Part 1 – Metabolism

An adult human has about 30 billion white fat cells. As we overeat, these cells take on more fat and become larger. Generally fat cells do not replicate until they become about four times their natural healthy size, which is when people have moved into an obese category. When this size is reached, the fat cells replicate in order for the body to store more fat. It should be noted that dieting to reduce weight reduces the size of the fat cells, but the number of cells is not reduced. Any new cells gained via replication still remain after weight loss. It is best to get back to healthy weight prior to fat cell replication occurring.

From Part -5 The Rewired Weight Loss Program

An Online Program That Addresses The Issues

The vast majority of current weight loss programs whether provided via books, delivered meals, specialist clinics, medical practitioners, dietitians or other organisations provide their services and then leave the client to go home and carry out their instructions by themselves, without frequent follow up meetings. There is usually little or no daily support, clients are left to their own resources to implement the advice. In in other words the client is usually relying on their personal willpower reserves to make permanent lifestyle changes and this rarely works. So while the weight loss initiatives provided by the clinician or organisation should be effective, they are by themselves not likely to lead to permanent lifestyle changes that result in permanent weight loss. The same applies to the contents of this book, persons using the techniques described herein in conjunction with a weight loss program provided by any of the above will undoubtedly improve their chances of permanent weight weight loss, but if left to their own resources, my experience is that most will still fail to make permanent lifestyle changes.

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