My-I-We-Us-Our-What and Who.

When we say, “My car” or “I have” it designates ownership and control. My car is a little red Model Cruz. I own it, drive it and it takes me where I want to go. In so doing I am in control of my car and the extension of my life it enables.

I determine when to turn the the steering wheel, apply the break and where I want to go. It’s not one of those new self driving cars, it needs me.  Even if it was one of those new self driving cars, it would still need me to tell it where I want to go.

But my little car also tells me what it wants. It tells me when it needs fuel, and if I don’t provide it, it will soon refuse to go. It sends me feelings through my backside and the steering wheel that lets me know if I’m going too fast. If I make bad decision, like not braking hard enough to stop in time, the car will override my actions and apply the brakes harder without my input, or it may turn on the headlights when I forget to. In fact I no longer have to remember to turn on the headlights, my little car makes that decision for me all by itself.

So I control my car and at times it takes over control from me, or should I say controls itself without my input. My car is a machine, I own it, and I control it. But it does also have a mind of its own which allows it to make decisions without my input and that I have no control over, like turning on the headlights for example.

Now when we say “My head hurts” or “I feel good” or “My eyes are blue” it also designates ownership, the ownership of our head, feelings and eyes. Just the language we use determines that we own our body and feelings. Do we control our body, does it do what it is told? Sure we do, and it does; but not all of the time.

We instruct our body to walk, jog or run. Like the steering wheel of the car we can make it go left or right, we are in control. But our bodies also automatically control certain actions and choices, and we have no control over them. For example we cannot hold our breath forever, even if we could hold it until we lost consciousness breathing would resume as soon as we did (Don’t try this I would hate to be proven wrong). Some aspects of our body are semi-automatic, like the cars fuel warning our body sends us signals saying I’m hungry. It lets us know when we need sleep, or need to drink water. We don’t have to follow these signals, we can fight sleep, and ignore the drink signal depending on our circumstances.

So What are We – Are Car Or Something Special?

What we are is different to who we are. What we are is an incredibly intricate biological machine, with hands arms and legs, with a computer (brain) and sensory devices (sight, smell and hearing) sitting at the top of the machine. We physically use this machine to fully enjoy our lives; it would be wise for us to respect and look after this fabulous machine.

The Real Question Is – Who are We, or I?

Some would say our ego, spirit or soul, it depends on our faith or personal beliefs. Others may simply say it is our conscious self. So which is in control of our decisions, the subconscious US that automatically runs our machine, knows what we like and influences our choices based on what pleased us and was successful for us in the past, or our conscious US. Are we prisoners to our habits and subconscious? No we are much more than that.

Our conscious self (ego spirit or whatever) is the control knob of our subconscious. To change our lifestyle (including eating habits) all we need to do is trust our conscious self, spirit or ego, and learn how to use its control knob to rewire our subconscious for success.

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