About Us

About Rewired Weight Loss.

Here at Rewired Weight Loss our mission is to change our society so that it becomes normal for its constituents to live longer, healthier, and happier lives without the need for the trauma and cost of medical intervention.

It is accepted by modern science that living ‘lean’ substantially increases our chances of living healthier for longer. For those who aren’t lean, and wish to be, there are thousands of books covering weight loss and weight management advice. The evidence is that they don’t work in the long term for 85% of their participants. Essentially they focus on diet and exercise to lose and maintain a healthy weight. So why didn’t they work?

The answer is this; they do not address the cause of overeating, they only deal with the biological consequences of it, diet and exercise deals with the symptom not the cause.

The reason individuals over eat are many and varied, they are buried deep in our subconscious mind, they automate our lifestyle and eating habits. Unless they are rewired the likelihood of permanent weight loss and easy weight management is small, and the likelihood of chronic disease reducing life’s enjoyment as we age is enhanced.

Our program has been developed to Rewire our subconscious mind to make weight loss easier, permanent, extend health spans and make life more enjoyable.