What and When We Eat Affects Weight Loss Success

Everyone one of us is equal but different, no two of us have exactly the same epigenetics, genetics, and microbiome. But one fact about our metabolism is common to us all. Whether we are male, female, black, white, asian, hispanic, fat or thin it doesn’t matter.

Adenosine Triphosphate?  (ATP)

I bet you haven’t read about this stuff in any diet book. This in itself is amazing because it is this molecule that provides the energy that is the gift of life. It is our cells electricity it is required 100% of the time for cell survival.

In our modern society we need electricity to provide for our lifestyle, we all know what happens when the power goes off. While electricity runs the machinery of modern civilisation, fuel is required to produce it. That fuel can be coal, oil, sun, wind, uranium and so on. In our body the cellular fuel required to make ATP is carbohydrates, protein, fats, certain ketones and (dare I say it) alcohol plus oxygen. These feed little power plants in our cells called mitochondria that convert it into ATP to produce life’s energy (electricity) for us to prosper.

Our body has natural fuel preferences. When awake it’s number one preference is glucose, number two preference is fat and number three is protein. Glucose is a sugar found in all plant food and milk. It is not found in animal flesh. When we are fast asleep our bodies preference is to metabolise fat and store glucose for the next day. Fat will only be used for energy during the day when and if glucose reserves are depleted. The glucose reserves are stored in our muscle cells and liver. That stored in the muscles can only be used by them. That stored in liver is released by it to fuel all our other tissues and organs.

What’s The Point?

If we want to lose weight we need to consume less energy than we expend. If we want to lose body fat we need to deplete glucose storage.

Breakfast – The most important meal of the day!

When we wake up our liver is primed to deliver glucose it has stored up overnight to our tissue and organs, so the last thing we want to do at breakfast time if we aim to metabolise fat is to eat glucose (plant food). This means all cereals and bread should be avoided in the morning. Instead eat or drink something filling that has no glucose (carbs) to postpone hunger feelings until later in the day. Your group moderator will be able to advise on this matter if appropriate.


This advice should not be done by persons who are Type I diabetics unless it is under medical supervision by a qualified medical practitioner.

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