Essential Foods – Part 1

Food is made up of two components, nutrition and energy. To lose weight we must consume less energy than we expend. Food is the least essential of what we need to sustain life; minutes without air and days without water and we’re done; kaput! But we can last weeks, or even longer, without food. In … Read more

The Presidents Excellent Heart?

Yesterday I listened to the president’s doctor release the details of the Presidents recent health check up. The doctor was asked by reporters why his heart was in good health, when he ate junk food, was overweight and had high cholesterol. This after stress testing, echocardiograms, and so on, indicating his heart was in great … Read more

Self Control vs Willpower

There is a big difference between the two. Willpower involves winning a battle with yourself, or more precisely a battle between the subconscious self and the conscious self. It’s a struggle to maintain a weight loss diet using willpower. For example, if we love chocolate (like I used to) it’s a willpower fight we will … Read more

What and When We Eat Affects Weight Loss Success

Everyone one of us is equal but different, no two of us have exactly the same epigenetics, genetics, and microbiome. But one fact about our metabolism is common to us all. Whether we are male, female, black, white, asian, hispanic, fat or thin it doesn’t matter. Adenosine Triphosphate?  (ATP) I bet you haven’t read about … Read more

Understanding Our Post Structure

This site is structured in three sections and our posts are organised accordingly. Casual visitors have access to ‘public posts’, ‘subscribers’ access to the next level including public posts. Participants in our online weight loss program have further access to posts specific to those on the program. This process is automated, what posts you get … Read more


This little fellah lives in our gut, along with more than 100 trillion of his mates, he is a bacteria. They are not all the same, they are not identical twins, and there are thousands of different types of them that reside in our gut. These bacteria eat the components of the food we eat … Read more

Monkeys Vs Humans?

Biologically we are very similar animals. Although when it comes to our brains, we are worlds apart and not just in intelligence. The most significant  difference is awareness. Humans are aware of intangible concepts that matter.  We know the future exists, it’s doubtful monkeys are aware of the meaning of “future”. So unlike the monkeys … Read more