Why being overweight is not your fault

I’m afraid I have to admit that I used to think it was. I used to think that “fat” people were lazy or gluttons; in my mind I would say, “Why don’t they just eat less?

I was once fat and while I was not technically obese, I never thought of myself as being lazy or a glutton, or even fat for that matter.

After 12 plus years of reading the biological science and an enormous number of research papers, I now know that putting on weight is not caused by people deciding or wanting to be fat. In short, few if any choose to be overweight or obese.

I now know it is not our fault if we become overweight, we shouldn’t blame ourselves if we are overweight or fat. We should be more compassionate to others who are. Weight gain is actually driven by unconscious decisions we are unaware of. So the best advice I can give is this; don’t blame yourself for being overweight.  It won’t help you lose it, and it’s not your fault.

Overeating results in weight gain. Most (if not all) weight loss programs instruct participants to eat less and exercise more, they rarely work in the long term because they are treating the symptom and not the cause. 

Work on understanding how the subconscious mind and sympathetic nervous systems drive weight gain and how you can rewire your brain to overcome these drivers and enjoy permanent weight loss, subscribe here.

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